Heart ‘O’ Chicago  - 2014 

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    Blue Kitty Music presents: 11  new original soul and R&B gems

 Tipping its hat to the music played in Chicago clubs at the turn of the last century.

HOC cover.2

 ”…it will have your back field in motion!”  ChicagoBluesGuide.com editor, Linda Cain


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 Cloud of Love

This track features Eddie Shaw blowing on a classic R&B tune

Smart Women Foolish Choices


This Chicago West Side Soul groove is based on a true story of a love triangle started on Facebook!  

It features a scorching duet with Charlie Love and the Supernatural horn section led by Wade Baker.


                                                                 Life Is A Wave

 Traditional Chicago Blues at its best, Willie Dixon called it This is the truth in 4/4 time!  


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~~ Clarksdale – 2012

Liz’s “Roots to the Fruits” CD, CLARKSDALE, featured what were sadly the final recordings by legendary drummer/harp playerMuddy Waters Alumni, Willie “Big Eyes” Smith.

It traces the blues from field holler to the Delta; thru Memphis to Chicago’s Chess sound with two of their recording artists, Willie Smith (drummer for Muddy Waters) & Eddie Shaw (Sax man for Howlin Wolf). The  CD also pays tribute to our military families with original songs from the NOW millenium.

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Click the links to hear some of Clarksdale

Riverside Hotel Blues

Tale of Liz’s first visit to Clarksdale where the devil is waiting at the crossroads!

Walkin and Talkin With You

Seminal, Jimmy Reed style, Chicago Blues featuring Willie Smith on Harp and Drums.

My Mama Wears Combat Boots

Guitarist Nick Moss makes a guest appearance on this track honoring our women in uniform. Liz Mandeville – Clarksdale by BlueKittyMusic


 Here are Liz’s Earwig Music Releases:  Liz's Fourth CDAll songs written by Liz Mandeville…

Liz’s Chart-Topping 2008 CD! 

Featuring “Scratch the Kitty”  

Blending Blues & Swing

Liz’s 2003 blues/soul release has been called

  “…the make-out CD of the new millennium”

Click on the tracks below to hear three samples each from Red Top and from Back In Love Again:
Liz Mandeville – Red Top & Liz Mandville Greeson – Back In Love Again on Earwig Music Co.


Liz’s 2000 release, Ready To Cheat

was a tribute to some of Chicago’s masters

 featuring the Chicago Fire Horns,

the Black Roses & many great guests.

 Liz’s 1996 Debut Release, high energy, young woman blues…

Featuring the Aron Burton band, Dave Jefferson, Allen Batts, Michael Dotson & others.

Click on the tracks below to hear three samples each from Look At Me & Ready To Cheat:
Liz Mandville Greeson – Look At Me & Ready To Cheat on Earwig Music Co.



Liz sings a duet with Johnny

and adds her sultry flavor

to several other cuts

Liz’s recording debut! Recorded Live

@ Buddy Guys Legends, Chicago, March  ’95

Here are some other CD’s Liz is Featured On! 

Released in 1998

Liz is in good company here! 

Released 1997

Blue Chicago was Liz’s Musical Home, 1994-1999

Here she sings on 2 cuts w/ George Baze Blues Band.


 Sam Cockeral’s CD, ”I’m In The Business.”


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