European Tour 2009. 

Outside the Haag.

Liz and Paul from the Blues Crowns on Tour in The Netherlands, 2008.

On stage in Paris. Photo by Beate Sandor.

It was such a beautiful trip. Sancerre, France.

Liz & Sammy Fender after his jam at my gig at the Kingston Mines.

Liz & Sam Lay

Liz Mandeville DJ at WNUR FM Chicago/Evanston Blues Show

Liz, Mot & Lil Al Thomas at the Blue Island Annual Crawfish Boil. 

Liz Mandeville injects energy into any room!

Phil Baron & Liz at Annual Garlic Festival

Liz’s Guitars at the Kingston Mines, Chicago 2006.

Quincy Illinois Blues Fest.

On Chicago’s Michigan Avenue.

On a bridge over the Chicago River. Photo by Dorothy Perry.

The photo that actually became the Red Top CD cover. Shot on Orleans in Chicago’s Loop. Photo by Dorothy Perry.

Liz & Tracy Nelson, 2006 – Peoria River Fest.

Liz & Pierre from Mississippi Heat.

Liz and Steve Arvey at Red Fish Chicago.

Liz & Heather

Liz & Corky Siegle

Liz and The Blue Points play at The John Hancock Building, Chicago.

Photo shoot for Red Top CD cover. Photo by Dorothy Perry.

Liz & Rob Hecko, owner of Blues On Halsted.

Flying Hair – Photo by Lisa Palmino.

Liz and Luke Pytel on stage at The Chicago Blues Festival 2007.

Liz Walking. Photo by Dorothy Perry.

Dietra Farr with Liz at the Peoria River Blues Festival, 2006.

Liz singing at the Kingston Mines, Chicago. Photo by Beate Sandor.

The Blue Points, circa 2007 at B.L.U.E.S.

Soloing in Traverse City, Michigan.

Liz and Rodney Brown in Traverse City, Michigan.

Liz and The Blues Crowns outside The Crossroads, Antwerp.

Head shot by John Frangoulis.

From the Look At Me CD photo shoot. Photo by John Frangoulis.

At Blue Chicago, Liz’s house gig for five years while she attended Columbia College.

This was right after the Berlin Wall came down in former East Germany.

Jimmy McCracklin wrote hit songs for Bill Haley and Elvis. This was him in his 70′s looking good, sounding great.

Liz with Fruteland Jackson, Aron Burton, Willie Kent, Detroit Jr., Michael Dotson, Kenny Smith and others at Blues Foundation Showcase, 1996.

Liz With Kenny Neal at Mississippi Valley Blues Festival 2012.

Liz plays her frattoir at the 2012 Mississippi Valley Blues Festival. Photo by Lon Mickaelson.

Liz sings the National Anthem at the 2012 Mississippi Valley Blues Festival.

Liz Mandeville – current headshot. Photo by Robert Erving Potter III.

Liz Mandeville at Voices Of Chicago. Photo courtesy of Chicago Blues Guide.

Liz at O’Hare Christmas Program with Maurice John Vaughn and members of both bands, 2011.

Liz gives workshop with John Everson at 2002 World Horror Convention.

Liz at the Illinois Warrior’s Summit, Soldier Field, 2011.

Liz with Frank Pellegrino at The Kingston Mines.

Liz with The Blues Crowns + The Blue Points at Chicago Blues Fest 2008.

Liz jams out with Holland’s The Mighty Blues Crowns.